BuddyPhones World Hearing Day 2020

volume-safe Kids headphones


Limit the Volume, Not the Quality.

Why Choose BuddyPhones?

Kid Safe Headphones

When we say kid safe headphones we mean it. Our kid safe headphones protect hearing and are made of materials completely safe for kids to use, like BPA-free plastics and hypoallergenic cushioning. Not only are BuddyPhones kid-proof and kid-friendly, they're also the best kid safe headphones.

Safe Headphones for Toddlers

All of our BuddyPhones are safe headphones for toddlers. They are designed for a wide age range and can be used on toddlers under 3 for shorter periods of time and with parents discretion. Unlike other headphones for toddlers out there, the BuddyPhones InFlight, PLAY and WAVE have a built-in Toddler Mode at a slightly lower volume, making them the best safe headphones for toddlers.