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ONANOFF is Icelandic originated audio company that creates award-winning audio products that meet a wide range of listening needs. We are most known for initiating and advancing the kids audio category by creating BuddyPhones, the world’s leading kids headphones.

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For kids

Kids use headphones for a wide range of needs and situations based on their busy, active lifestyles- they play, they travel, they study, and they consume audio content frequently mainly through their own dedicated tablets or parents personal phones. 

Petur Olafsson - ONANOFF/BuddyPhones kids headphones CEO

Design - Innovation - Build

Pétur Ólafsson

BuddyPhones POP

For Teens

Once kids reach their young teens, they develop discerning tastes for music and fashion, their own identity. BuddyPhones POP tailor makes personal audio products that has both SafeAudio and fashionability built in, making it perfect audio products for next generation. 

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Bjarki Viðar Garðarsson

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After years of success in the kids headphones market, we are applying our expertise to further enhance audio solutions for specialized segments like education and concentration.


We take part in key tradeshows within Consumer Electronics like CES in Las Vegas and IFA in Berlin. Within education you can finds at BETT in London and ISTE in Anaheim.


Our track record of awards shows our growth since initiating the ‘kids headphones’ category to becoming safe audio industry experts. We have been recognized for outstanding design, innovation, and distinguished contribution to quality kids products.

Social Programs

As educational equipment makers and kids audio experts we understand the additional challenges facing underprivileged kids due to home learning. If you know of cases where we can help, pls. get in touch with us.