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My kids are so excited about their headphones. They love their BuddyPhones. Definitely would recommend to others.

Christine Mercado

Very well designed product, highly recommend for parents who care about their kids and their ears!

Kenny Wong

My son has autism. With BuddyPhones and his favorite music, we are able to be outside in public. Thank you so much BuddyPhones. I seriously can not recommend these highly enough.

Helen Lines

The ability for both of my kids to listen to the same device is a godsend because now they don't have to fight over who gets to use it!

Monet Hambrick

Excellent customer support that goes way beyond the usual level of support!

Joel Ebel

I bought a pair of headphones for my son's birthday, It is a must-have item in his backpack whenever we travel.

Anita Anandarajah

Not only are the products well made, we were just blown away by their excellent after-sales service!

Sue-Anne Toh

new product!

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Why BuddyPhones?

We were the world's first brand exclusively dedicated to developing volume-limiting kids headphones. But why is that important? 

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