BuddyPhones School+ - BuddyPhones
BuddyPhones School+ - BuddyPhones
BuddyPhones School+ - BuddyPhones
BuddyPhones School+ - BuddyPhones
BuddyPhones School+ - BuddyPhones
BuddyPhones School+ - BuddyPhones
BuddyPhones School+ - BuddyPhones
Wired + Boom Mic

BuddyPhones School+

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BuddyPhones School+ is the best, wired school headphones for children in educational settings. That's because the SafeAudio® is limited to 85dB, which allows kids to listen safely for up to 8 hours. Restricting the volume to 85dB helps prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

At the same time, the high-Performance mic picks up the child’s voice clearly and minimizes distracting background noise.

The headband and ear cushions were designed with comfort in mind to be easily worn for extended periods.

Read “Product features” below for more details.

  • SafeAudio 85dB,  (Max Volume Limiting)
  • Audio Tuned Towards the Spoken Vocal Range
  • High Performance Boom-mic with Control Button, 1.4 Meter Long
  • Foldable & Cushioned Headband
  • Super Durable
  • Built-in BuddyJack for Sharing
  • Hypo-allergenic Cushion with Anti-sweat Wicking Fabric
  • BuddyPhones School+ Headphones
  • High-performance Boom Microphone
  • Soft Travel Bag
  • Decorative Stickers x 4
  • DIY Coloring Stickers
  • Custom Name Tags
  • Spare 3.5mm Audio Cable, 1.2 Meter Long
  • DRIVER UNIT: 30mm Neodymium
  • SENSITIVITY: 85 +/-3dB @1mW 1kHz
  • CORD: 1.4m
  • High Performance Beam Microphone
  • PLUG: Gold Plated 3.5mm w. BuddyJack

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The headphones are foldable and the boom mic is removable and comes with a bag for compact storage. An extra standard audio cable is included in the package so that they are just as convenient to use on trips as they are in School or at home.

Girl studying in classroom with School+ kids headset with mic

Home Study headphones

with boom microphone

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School+ kids headset with detachable beam mic
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Kidproof & Kidsafe

BuddyPhones PRODUCTS

How it's made

BuddyPhones are made of the highest quality and from the safest materials possible.

Certified by first-tier global testing labs like TÜV and UL, ensuring they are compliant with all key safety and environmental standards like RoHS, REACH, PROP65.

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ONANOFF is an Icelandic originated audio company that creates award-winning, functional, stylish and ergonomic products with a social purpose that meet a wide range of listening needs.

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