School+ Kids Headset wins 2021 National Parenting Product Awards

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We're incredibly excited to announce that BuddyPhones has received yet another award. We've been granted the 2021 National Parenting Products Awards for BuddyPhones School+.

The National Parenting Product Awards has been celebrating the best children's products for 31 years. It's one of the longest-running awards programs in the United States. It is also a trusted source for parents when looking for the best products for their children.

BuddyPhones Kid's Headphones Awards

We're proud to add this award to our list of headphones that have been awarded throughout the years:

  • BuddyPhones School+ has already received the CES 2021 Innovation Awards this year.
  • BuddyPhones Play and StudyPhones were named the CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree.
  • BuddyPhones WAVE wireless headphones won the renowned A' Design Award in the Baby, Kids, and Children's Products Design Category in 2018.
  • Explore Foldable, as well as BuddyPhones InFlight, were each been presented with the distinguished 2017 Parents' Choice Award®
  • BuddyPhones Explore, BuddyPhones Explore Foldable, and BuddyPhones InFlight have been presented with the 2017 Tillywig Awards in the Parents' Favorite Products category.
  • BuddyPhones InFlight was awarded a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree.
  • BuddyPhones InFlight was presented with the renowned A' Design Award in 2016. BuddyPhones Explore was also granted the coveted Bronze A'Design Award in the Baby, Kids, and Children's Products category.

Making of BuddyPhones School+

We designed the BuddyPhones® School+ SafeAudio® kids headphones with homeschooling in mind. Volume is limited to 85 decibels, which is the recommended level from the World Health Organization. The detachable beam microphone ensures the child's voice is heard clearly. It's foldable and fits perfectly into the included travel bag. The built-in audio splitter allows for sharing. Kids can have fun customizing their headphones with the included decorative stickers and name tags. There are several reasons the designs for the BuddyPhones School+ stood out to the judges. Some of the evaluation comments BuddyPhones School+ received were:

"The headphones are well padded across the top of the headband and earpieces for maximum comfort."

"Product is easily visible through packaging with fun, inviting colors and images."

"I like that they include two cords – one with the microphone as well as one standard headphone cord so that you have the option of how you would like the headphones to function. These are a great option for virtual schooling. As well, there is the option of connecting more than one headphone for buddy sharing – very versatile!"

"As a parent, I appreciate that the headphones limit the volume level based on up-to-date recommendations to prevent hearing loss."

"It is padded well on the head and earpieces, which is helpful to endure lengthy-distance learning sessions or long-distance travel journeys."

"Did not have background noise with its mic."

"My kids liked that they can personalize their headphones to fit their personality."

"These headphones are relevant to our pandemic times. Even after we return to in-person school, they are still helpful for an educational application to supplement school instruction."

We are truly honoured  by the acknowledgment

This recognition reinforces our belief that BuddyPhones is taking the proper steps to provide innovative SafeAudio products to families that seek superior quality in headphones options for children. As children's needs, technology, and the world continue to change, kid's headphones are still the safest sound solutions to protect their hearing. We're proud of our team that has made this award possible, especially our design team that works hard to improve our products.

We would also like to give a big thank you to the parents and kids worldwide who buy, use and love our headphones. This award only serves to reaffirm our mission to go above and beyond to make quality headphones that protect our youngsters' hearing. Thanks for your support!

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Team BuddyPhones

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