Our Top Picks of Headphones for School

As parents and caretakers, we all know technology has become part of our children's everyday lives. Now that a new school year has already started our kids are back to hitting those books and studying at home. A lot of kids in school nowadays need to listen to lectures or educational audio online and as schools are increasingly utilizing technology in the classroom it's even necessary for kids to have their own pair of headphones in some cases.

Now we know it might seem tempting to reuse an old pair of headphones lying around at the house, but we highly advise against this because of hearing safety. A lot of headphones for adults, as well as some designed for kids, allow you to crank up the volume to unsafe levels. If we are not constantly monitoring the noise level our kids might end up hurting their hearing and could suffer lifelong with noise induced hearing loss.

We realize most of children's headphones don't come cheap, especially if they are good quality, but we reckon they are an investment worth making to keep your little one's hearing safe. Plus, if you get the right pair, it will serve you well and be with you for years to come. Yes, we know, picking the right pair can be tricky and with so many options out there it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your child. Most of us already have our plates full juggling careers, personal lives and raising kids, leaving little time to spend hours comparing different products. We get it. Therefore, we will try to make life a little easier by and provide you with the tools to separate the worthwhile products from... how shall we put this delicately, the dodgy ones?

Here are three key questions you should be asking yourself before splurging on headphones for your children:

  1. Are the headphones safe for children and their classmates? Are they volume-limiting? Will they protect the child’s hearing?
  2. How durable are they? You'll want them to last! Is the headband flexible? Do they have strong cables?
  3. Are they school compatible? What features make them appropriate for school and studying? Are they foldable? Can you plug multiple headphones to one device?

In case you have absolutely no time at all to navigate the muddy waters of children's headphones and do the research and comparison, we've prepared a quick list of what we believe are our three best headphones for school: 


BuddyPhones School+

BuddyPhones School+ is the best, wired school headphone for children to use in an educational setting. The SafeAudio® is limited to 85dB, which allows kids to listen safely for up to 8 hours. Restricting the volume to 85dB helps prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). At the same time, the high-performance mic picks up the child’s voice clearly and minimizes distracting background noise. The audio has been tuned towards the spoken vocal range to help them focus. The foldable headband and ear cushions were designed with comfort in mind to be easily worn for extended periods. Hypo-allergenic cushions with anti-sweat wicking fabric, durable design and a built-in BuddyJack for sharing. 


BuddyPhones School+ Wireless

BuddyPhones School+ Wireless offers the best solution in terms of usability and quality in school headphones. They're your everyday headphones transformed into the ideal tool for school. Use them wired with a 3.5mm cord or wireless with Bluetooth, they have a 20 hour battery life and work up to 20m wireless range. Turn on the voice enhancing StudyMode®, which makes voices more transparent and easier to hear by opting out disturbing sounds. Easily attach a headphone mic to join online classes, chats, or phone calls. In addition, they have an in-built mic to use without the boom-mic. Finally, use any of the 3 SafeAudio™ (75/85/94dB volume limiting settings) so they can be used by kids of all ages above three. Finally, they feature an answer/playback button, BuddyLink for sharing, foldable design with an adjustable headband size and sweat wicking ear pads for added comfort. 


BuddyPhones Cosmos+

Cosmos+ is the world’s only kid's headphones that combine Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and SafeAudio® volume-limiting with three listening modes (75/85/94)—making Cosmos+ the best wireless Bluetooth kid’s headphones. So, they’re your perfect all-around solution. Use the ANC when you’re in loud places or when studying. Attach the microphone for online classes, group chats, or phone calls. StudyMode® is voice-enhancing, so it’s safe to say that SafeAudio® has never been so rich in features before. Additionally, the Cosmos+ also offers a 24 hour battery life, they work up to 20m wirelessly, have a built-in microphone and a BuddyLink for sharing a device. The headband is adjustable as well as foldable and the ear pads are made from silky soft protein PU leather. 


At BuddyPhones, we devote our efforts to meeting kids' ever-changing listening needs. As always, we prioritize SafeAudio® by limiting volume to protect developing ears while ensuring they're comfortable to wear. In addition, we design and create kid's headphones that are fun to use, visually entertaining with an exceptional sound.


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