Pink BuddyPhone Guardian toddler earmuffs hearing protection
Grey BuddyPhone Guardian toddler earmuffs hearing protection
Pink BuddyPhones Guardian kids earmuffs hearing protection
Pink BuddyPhones Guardian kids earmuffs hearing protection
Pink BuddyPhones Guardian girls earmuffs hearing protection
Grey BuddyPhones Guardian children's earmuffs hearing protection
Boy wearing BuddyPhones Guardian earmuffs
Earmuff Protection

BuddyPhones Guardian

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The BuddyPhones Guardian is a premium protective earmuff with passive noise-cancellation that protects kids from harmful loud noises. This noise reduction lets kids and toddlers sit comfortably and safely in loud situations. The Guardian is also perfect for students or kids with autism to help them focus by eliminating distracting sounds.
  • Passive Noise-Cancellation
  • -26dB Noise Reduction
  • Premium Metallic Finish
  • SNR 25 Rating
  • Tailor made for kids to fit small head sizes comfortably
  • Super Comfortable headband cushion

Life is Loud

The ear cups provide a snug seal to shield the ears from noise- this is called passive noise cancellation. The thick  ear cushions gently form a comfy seal making them super comfortable to wear. 

With a SNR 25 rating, the Guardian reduces harmful noises by an impressive 26 decibels!

Feel Safe, Look Cool

Boy and girl wearing cool metallic children's earmuffs to protect their hearing
Toddler Active Noise Isolating Earmuff Protection
Features of safety earmuffs for kids
Mother and child wearing safety kids earmuffs


Kidproof & Kidsafe

Girl at the cinema watching loud movie wearing kids earmuffs

Buddyphones Products

How it's made

BuddyPhones products are all made of the highest quality and from the safest materials possible. 

Plus they are  all certified by global testing labs like TÜV and UL, making sure they are compliant with safety & environmental standards like ROHS, REACH, PROP65.



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ONANOFF is an Icelandic originated audio company that creates award-winning, functional, stylish and ergonomic products with a social purpose that meet a wide range of listening needs.

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