Do Your Protective Earmuffs Look This Good?

BuddyPhones just launched the Guardian, a line of kid-friendly protective earmuffs designed to protect children's hearing during life's noisy adventures. They're also the most stylish. So skip those horrible industrial-looking earmuffs that look like you're in a woodshop and get these instead! Read on to find out more. 

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Bring a sense of style to your protective earmuffs.

Protective Earmuffs for Kids

The Guardian shields a child's sensitive ears by reducing loud noises by 26 decibels, thanks to its SNR 25 rating. In loud situations such as concerts, sporting events, live shows, or others, they protect children from harmful noises that may cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

Protective earmuffs can often be clunky and industrial-looking. However, BuddyPhones Guardian was explicitly developed to be comfortable and stylish, so kids are eager to wear them in everyday life.

The Dangers of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

According to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NICDC), exposure to harmful noise can happen at any age. Thus, potentially leading to noise-induced hearing loss in one or both ears.

A recent World Health Organization study report concluded that 40% of teenagers put themselves at risk for noise-induced hearing loss with damaging volumes at entertainment venues.

Even mild forms of this condition can have a detrimental effect on speech, language acquisition and comprehension, communication, learning, and social development. BuddyPhones Guardian functions to create an experience where kids can enjoy themselves without harming their hearing.

At the same time, parents can live life without the worry of noise levels being too loud and dangerous for their children's ears to handle.

BuddyPhones Guardian Protective Earmuffs
Perfect for concerts, sporting events, fireworks and more.

Safety with Style

The BuddyPhones Guardian is lightweight and made with eco-friendly ear cushions, providing a snug fit around the head and ears for sufficient noise protection.

While perfect for noisy situations, Guardian can also effectively eliminate distracting sounds to help kids focus better in school or homework.

These features are especially beneficial for kids with special learning needs or sensory issues. They can be exposed to loud noises and still have the necessary tools to excel in academic environments.

“BuddyPhones has created a legacy and reputation as a premier choice for protecting children’s hearing during headphone use. Now, families can rely on BuddyPhones Guardian to protect young users’ hearing from the world around them,” said Petur Hannes Olafsson, founder of ONANOFF. 

“We created a sleek, kid-friendly earmuff to serve as a companion at home, school, or during recreational activities, so every special moment is enjoyed to the fullest.” 

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