Kids Headphones Just Got a Serious Upgrade

BuddyPhones pink unicorn headphones for kids

There's a new buddy in the family!

Meet the BuddyPhones Cosmos, the world’s only active noise-canceling kids headphones engineered with multiple volume settings (Toddler Mode - 75 dB, Kids mode - 85dB, and Travel Mode - 94 dB).

A Universal Audio Solution at an Affordable Price

We designed Cosmos to serve as a universal audio solution for children across the entire frequency range, making them beneficial for children while studying, in everyday life, or for those with sensitive hearing. In addition, it protects the ears from harmful noises.

Unlike existing headphones, the Cosmos fulfill a void in the market for a pair of headphones that can be adjusted depending on a child’s age or surroundings. This is a unique integral feature of all BuddyPhones headphones, which allow for a premium listening experience.

BuddyPhones Cosmos Active Noise Cancellation headphones for kids. SafeAudio headphones with volume-limiting
Cosmos comes with a back-up cable to work without battery.

Active Noise-Cancellation with 3 Different Listening Settings

With Cosmos, users have the option to turn the noise-cancelling technology on and off and can choose from three unique settings designed to meet a wide range of listening needs. “Toddler Mode” and “Kids Mode” offer parents peace of mind as they find a suitable setting for comfortable everyday listening.

“Travel Mode” maxes the volume at a slightly higher level to help in louder situations such as airplane or car travel with low background noise. Cosmos are packed with BuddyPhones’ award-winning features, such as the patented BuddyCable audio sharing system allowing multiple listeners to share the same device.

“Whenever we create a new headphone, we start out by considering what problem we’re trying to solve and why,” explained Petur Hannes Olafsson, co-founder of ONANOFF.

“In this case, we set out to develop a completely new product to change the way the youngest generation safely interacts with hearing technology.

Cosmos is now the only headset available that combines active noise cancellation with volume-limiting circuitry and three adjustable listening modes, making it the most advanced headphones for kids on the market.”

Make a brand new buddy with the Cosmos!


  • BuddyPhones

    Hi Bltyho, the wireless headphones have a slightly larger design that might fit your kid’s head better! Thanks for asking!

  • bltyho

    Hi my kid is usually use the “BuddyPhones Moomin” but feel little bit tight, is it feel more comfort instead if we buy the new one"BuddyPhones WAVE"? my kid is 6years old with BIG Head…haha

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