Introducing PuppyPhones - The World's First Safe Headphones for Pets!

We take hearing health seriously. So, we launched PuppyPhones- the world's first volume-limiting headphones for pets. 

If we make such good headphones for kids, why not make them for pets too?

All of our award-winning products are created by experts to protect kids' hearing, so we thought, "What about our pets?" So we applied our extensive research and development into making PuppyPhones with the knowledge that most pets aren't getting the volume-limiting treatment they deserve.

PuppyPhones headphones for dogs, by BuddyPhones kids headphones

We Put Pets First

PuppyPhones put pets first- they're pet-safe, pet-proof, and pet-friendly. They cap the volume at safe levels (and pitches), have an extra chewable headband to withstand the drooliest of chompers, and come in several fun colors and flavors.


Not just for dogs, PuppyPhones come in all shapes and sizes, just like pets do.


Not enough humans talk about the risk of hearing loss in pets. Imagine calling out to Rex, "Hey, buddy, it's dinner time! Come here, boy! Come get some dinner, here boy, come on, Rex!" Only to have him not hear you.

With noise-induced hearing loss, Rex will barely hear when it's dinner time, or when you grab his leash, or when you make those funny baby-talk voices as you smoosh his face. That's not a Rex we like to imagine, and neither should you.  

This pet bear loves his new fresh salmon-flavored PuppyPhones.

So go on, take the first step as a responsible pet owner and get a pair of PuppyPhones. Because if your kids should wear them, so should your pets. 


(Happy April Fool's Day, buddies!)


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