Fun Summer Activities for Kids!

The temperature's rising, school is out of session, and all your kids want to do is sit inside. Make the next warm summer day fun with games, crafts, and activities they can't really do indoors. From messy projects to those that will cool tots off with splashes of water, we've come up with 10 activities that will keep your tots happy and cool during the next heat wave. 

  1. Race Soap Boats. Head to your local home improvement store and pick up a rain gutter or a plastic sheet for some fun soap boat races. Your kids will love carving boats out of soap and adding a fabric sail (with adult help!) a toothpick and paper is all you need to make the sails. Race them on the plastic sheet or rain gutter with a water hose providing the current.

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  1. Pool Noodle Games. You won’t believe how easy it is to create a backyard full of summer Olympic style games using pool noodles and a few simple materials like packing tape. You can create hurdles, a ball toss, a pyramid knockdown game, hockey and a tunnel ring for crawling.
  2. Ice Chalk. Kick of summer fun with this ice chalk sensory play activity. Way more fun than standard sidewalk chalk on a hot summer day, this chalk is easy to make and erupts with color when sprayed with vinegar. Here is what you’ll need: corn starch, baking soda, water, liquid watercolors or food coloring, and ice cube trays. Fill each ice cube slot with approx. 30% baking soda and 40% corn starch, then add a couple of drops of liquid watercolor paint and fill the tray the rest of the way with water. Gently mix then pop your tray in the freezer for 4-6 hours. Once ready, head outside with trays of ice chalk, a spray bottle of vinegar and paintbrushes. Put the chalk on the sidewalk and as you spray the chalk it erupts with color and creates beautiful art effects.

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  3. Water Baseball Game. Add an extra wet element of fun to your next summer game of baseball. Simply substitute water balloons for balls and a plastic whiffle bat for a standard one. Be ready for lots of flying water and giggles. Batter up!
  1. Seashell Crafts. Seashells make a great craft because they are inexpensive (or free) and the options are endless. Your tots can paint them, string them, or stack them. The only thing needed is some glue, glitter, colors and a little creativity!
  2. Take a hike! Head outdoors for a local hike. A scenic stroll is just the way they can get their energy out and explore good ol' Mother Nature. It's the perfect opportunity for teaching them about plants and flowers too.
  3. Start a lemonade stand. A classic summer activity, starting a lemonade stand is easy to do and will help teach them a bit about business. Get inspired and stir up a pitcher; this activity will keep them busy all day — grab a lemonade stand banner off Etsy or paint one with the kids to make it even more authentic.

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  4. Have a campfire. Some of the best summer memories can be made around a campfire. If you have a fire pit or access to one, let the kids roast everything from veggies to s'mores. After everyone is fed and full, tell stories and share in some good laughs.
  1. Plan a treasure hunt. Pull out the pirate hats and send them on a treasure hunt. Make a treasure map by staining the paper with coffee and burning the edges, or hide eggs with clues along the way. Then, have a prize such as gold coins hidden at the end of the journey. Watching their excitement will be just as fun for you as it is for them.

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  1. Ice Eggs. You can create a world of discovery for your tot with ice eggs. The night before a warm day, simply fill a balloon with water and add in a small toy or two. Send the kids outside to examine them and see what objects they can find. You can also freeze toys in layers in a Tupperware container; just make sure you use small toys without holes or hair so they don’t get damaged or full of water. Give your kids a collection of safe tools to break into the ice block and examine, such as a blunt spoon or fork, spray bottle with warm water etc. This will keep the little ones entertained and cool for hours!

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