Kids love getting into the holidays, and we love all the excitement during Easter! Below are a variety of Easter activities for toddlers and doable ways to entertain kids on Easter day. Have fun!


  1. Secret Easter Bunny. Secret gift giving like Secret Santa for Christmas. Kids can make small presents for friends and family members, hide it inside eggs and secretly exchange.

  2. Egg Time Machine. Create memories by having your kids write a letter to themselves a year from now, which they can place inside an egg and open up next year. Just make sure to keep it in a safe place so it won’t get lost!

  3. Pin the Cottontail on the Bunny. It isn’t just for donkeys or birthday parties. Keep your kids entertained this Easter by playing the classic game, the kiddos will love trying to pin a fluffy tail on the bunny.

  4. Get your kids moving on Easter day by racing back and forth with an egg in a spoon. This is a great game to play outside in the yard, first one to the finish line with an uncracked egg wins!

  5. Classic egg dye fun! Got a few packets of Kool-Aid in the pantry? Mix with water and you’re ready for some egg dying.

  6. Get creative (and messy!) and let your kids use washable finger paint to jazz up their eggs. If you want to avoid a mess you can let the little ones decorate hard-boiled eggs with stickers!

  7. Puzzle eggs. Have your kids hide a surprise inside an egg and write a few clues so that the other kids can guess what’s inside the egg. First one to guess correctly wins!

  8. Fun with math! Instead of stuffing plastic eggs with candy, you can slip in pieces of paper with numbers on them. Once the kids find the eggs, have them add up the numbers, the highest total gets a prize.

  9. Jigsaw eggs! If you want to minimize the chocolate bingeing this Easter you can cup up a picture and hide the pieces inside different plastic eggs. Once the kids find all the eggs they can have a crack at putting the picture or puzzle together.

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