BuddyPhones WAVE is the first-ever wireless and waterproof volume-limiting headphones designed especially for kids. With more added features, we genuinely believe BuddyPhones WAVE is the best kid's headphones ever made.

The headphones are connected through Bluetooth and offer wireless freedom up to 10 meters.

In addition, they have a remarkable battery life of over 24 hours. If preferred, or when out of battery, they can also be used wired.

The BuddyCable system, a built-in audio splitter, allows audio cables to piggyback to one device so up to four friends can share.

Kids Listening Modes

BuddyPhones WAVE allows you to choose from 4 listening modes for different occasions. Depending on age and surroundings, an adult can easily adjust the modes by holding both volume buttons down simultaneously. 

  • Toddler Mode reduces the max volume to 75db, perfect for young children, kids with sensitive hearing, attention deficits, and/or autism. 
  • Kids Mode, at 85db max, is excellent for everyday listening. 
  • Travel Mode maxes at 94db and is perfect for tackling louder situations. Finally, the new and innovative.
  • Study Mode optimizes vocal clarity and enhances speech. Capped at 94dB, this mode is engineered to offer clearer, crisper vocals. Helping kids stay focused when studying, watching educational videos, or streaming lectures. This setting is ideal for when kids are learning new languages or listening attentively to speech.


    Durable, Safe, Waterproof Kid's Headphones

    The headphones are extremely durable, made from strong, sturdy materials, and designed to last. In addition, the foldable headband is made of specially calibrated polypropylene, so it can be bent and pulled without snapping.

    The material is flexible enough to withstand pulling yet sturdy enough to hold its shape. Not only are the headphones PVC and Phaltate free, but also fully adjustable to different sizes, tailored to fit kids comfortably. In addition, Wave has pillow-soft hypoallergenic ear cushions to fit snugly for maximum coziness.

    BuddyPhones WAVE comes in four dazzling designs,

    1. Blue Robot,
    2. Pink Unicorn,
    3. Green Monkey, and
    4. Yellow Bee.

    The optional travel kit includes a hard protective case with a water-resistant zipper and an airplane plug.

    Innovative Kid's Headphones 

    We designed BuddyPhones WAVE for long days of playing, traveling, and studying. In addition, these new innovative headphones are waterproof at IP67.

    So there's no need to panic if they get wet. Bring the headphones with you to the beach or pool without a worry.

    BuddyPhones, Made by ONANOFF

    We're committed to creating safe, high-quality, affordable products that make the world a better place for children to learn, explore and play. It's of utmost importance to protect kids' ears who are too young to protect their own. Therefore, we designed BuddyPhones to be the toughest, safest sound solution available for children. Our  SafeAudio® volume-limiting headphones are designed to keep kids safe and give parents peace of mind, knowing they've made the right choice for their children.

    BuddyPhones WAVE – Trusted by Parents, Loved by Kids - Rain or Shine.

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