BodyPhones - Headphones to Communicate with your Body

At BuddyPhones, we take hearing health seriously. That’s why we’re taking the next step in helping kids to understand their body with BodyPhones. 


With our extensive research and development we put into making BuddyPhones, we realized the opportunity to utilise headphones to give a voice to our bodies. We have seen similar fitness tracking technology before in smart watches but we have made it more accessible and understandable. Listen to your heart… or what any of your organs have to say, they have feelings too. Our patented “Organspeak” technology syncs with each of your organs electrical signals and translates it in real-time into understandable spoken words.  If you have been listening to loud music for too long you might hear your ears say “This is too loud, turn it down!”, if you’ve been studying math for hours you might hear your brain scream “No more algebra please!”. Initial responses from parents to this new product have been phenomenal.

Pre-orders can only be made on 1 April 2021.

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