Best Back to School Headphones 2021

BuddyPhones Play+ Best Headphones for Back to School 2021

Headphones play a bigger role today

A new school year is here and it's the year of technology. After spending a considerable amount of time home-schooling last year, due to covid, technology has been given a bigger role in educational systems. Many schools now have a mandated 1 device per kid and put headphones on parents "Back to School Shopping's List." 

BuddyPhones Play+

In a new article by Digital Trends, BuddyPhones Play+ are picked as this year's Best Headphones for Back to School. We Launched our Play+ earlier this year, along with out BuddyPhones+ Series, receiving great feedback as expected. Play+ houses all of our customers most favourite features like StudyMode® and a SafeAudio® volume limiting circuit with 3 different settings; 94dB Mode which allows for additional volume, taking extra noise from airplane or car engines into consideration; the 85dB Mode, best for most kids; and the quieter 75dB ToddlerMode, which goes that extra mile to protect the more-sensitive ears of those three and under. The different volume limit options mean kids can grow into the Play+ headphones, giving parents extra value for the money into their child’s early teens. Along with Play+, The BuddyPhones+ Series launched our Explore+, our wired solution and our Flagship headphones, BuddyPhones Cosmos+, featuring Active Noise Cancellation, StudyMode®, a detachable headphone mic, and SafeAudio® volume limiting circuit with 3 different settings.

BuddyPhones School+ Wireless

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We're very thankful for this generous shout-out Digital Trends is giving us and hope this helps more people discover SafeAudio® and why it's so important to protect children's hearing. With children accessing tablets and screen devices at an earlier age each year we feel it's our duty to inform people of Noise Induced Hearing Loss and make them understand that a damage to one's hearing is not reversible but it is preventable.

Even though Play+ are well deserving of this title, we'd like to bring awareness to the fact that we recently launched a pair of BuddyPhone, that are the best educational tool in terms of headphones available today. BuddyPhones School+ Wireless houses the same features as Play+, with an additional detachable microphone and sweat-wicking cushions, making extended use more comfortable and enjoyable. We just so happen to be offering a 20% Back-to-School discount off our School+ and School+ Wireless. Click Here to view our Educational Headphones.


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