Buddyphones are made in most durable and comfortable way, it is tailor made for kids and able to survive playful day. 

BuddyPhones uses sturdy yet super comfortable anti allergic artificial leather cushion ear-pads so you can listen to your BuddyPhones in total comfort. The headphone band is extendable so you can adjust it towards the requirement of the kid and increase it over time for perfect fitting.


You can flex it back and forth without any permanent damage to the buddyphones. Buddyphones are easily most robust and durable children headphones in the market; all from the connector design to the durability of the headband, it is made for fun!


BuddyPhones comes with a built-in BuddyCable audio splitter that allows you to share your music by plugging in a second audio cable into your BuddySystem, it is perfect for sharing with your best bud.