About Us

BuddyPhones are created by ONANOFF, a design and technology company that takes its name from the most fundamental feature of all electronics: the on and off button. This name reflects the ONANOFF approach to electronics- pare down to what is necessary to create a successful balance between form, function and safety.

There’s no question that electronics are a useful and integral part of daily life. ONANOFF adds value to the use of electronics by creating safe technology that protects listeners through innovative problem-solving and simple, functional design.

According to specialists, exposure to excessive levels of sound is proven to be damaging and can cause adverse long-term effect. Researchers who study hearing loss have found that a person who is exposed to noise levels higher than 85 decibels for a prolonged period of time is at risk for hearing loss. Children are exposed to dangerous levels of noise on a regular basis and many devices that children use have noise levels much higher than 85 decibels. Our volume-limiting headphones keep noise levels down to World Health Organization recommended standards and look cool to boot. We also wanted to come up with a solution for parents whose little ones are constantly fighting over a device. For those that have more than one child at home and they have trouble sharing the ingenious BuddyCable audio splitter allows up to four kids to share one device, squabble-free. BuddyPhones are designed to meet the everyday challenges an ordinary family member faces, and make life a little easier.

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A Winning Team

Petur Olafsson

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