2 BuddyPhones


Inspired by a friend looking for durable and safe headphones for his kids, we realized there weren’t many safe options on the market for children. Therefore, we decided to give parents a peace of mind and provide a safe sound solution for little ones. These volume-limiting headphones keep noise levels down to World Health Organization recommended standards and look cool to boot with the option of sharing with other buddies. BuddyPhones are designed to meet the everyday challenges an ordinary family member faces, and make life a little easier.

Sharing Is Caring

With a passion for technology, problem solving and design, we wanted to create a functional and stylish solution that would provide parents with a protection for their children’s delicate eardrums and hearing. We also wanted to cater to parents whose little ones are constantly fighting over a device. Therefore BuddyPhones come with the BuddyCable system, a built-in audio splitter that allows up to four audio cables to connect to one device, making it perfect for sharing with buddies. For those that have more than one child at home and they have trouble sharing, it’s an excellent solution as the ingenious BuddyCable audio splitter allows up to four kids to share one device, squabble-free.

How It Works

BuddyPhones are all about sharing and safety, built with both children’s needs and their parents’ in mind. The headphones design makes them easy and straightforward to use, the headphones are plugged into a host sounds streaming device using the 3.5mm jack cable. BuddyPhone’s unique circuitry prevents the sound from increasing beyond a maximum 85 decibels, giving parents a peace of mind that no harm will come to their child’s sensitive eardrums. BuddyPhones usage is not limited to a single environment, in addition to be used at home, their sleek and compact design fits easily into small handbags and carry-ons for traveling and are easy to pack and travel with, be it in the back of a car for a roadtrip or across the Atlantic on an airplane. Design features such as flexible arms that are less likely to snap the headphones are sat on or dropped; a cable measured to an appropriate length to prevent tangling when thrown into a backpack and designed to be safe for a child when draped around their neck, make them a terrific travel companion.