Pink unicorn BuddyPhones Wave waterproof wireless kids headphones for girls
Pink unicorn BuddyPhones Wave waterproof bluetooth girls headphones
Blue robot BuddyPhones Wave waterproof wireless kids headphones for boys
Blue robot BuddyPhones Wave waterproof bluetooth boy headphones
Green BuddyPhones Wave waterproof wireless children's headphones
Green BuddyPhones Wave volume limiting waterproof wireless child headphones
Yellow BuddyPhones Wave volume limiting waterproof wireless kids headphones
Yellow BuddyPhones Wave volume limiting waterproof bluetooth child headphones
Wireless + Waterproof

BuddyPhones WAVE

Regular price $ 49.99 USD

These headphones are waterproof! Does it get any better? That feature alone makes BuddyPhones WAVE the best kid's headphones for active, adventurous kids.

Wave also incorporates SafeAudio® volume-limiting with three listening modes so that you can choose between 75dB, 85dB & 94dB. In addition, they're wireless, so you can easily take them with you anywhere since they have an 18-hours worth of battery life.

BuddyPhones Wave is foldable, with an in-built headphone mic, and features our popular StudyMode® to make studying easier.

You can't go wrong with BuddyPhones Wave.

  • Spill/Waterproof IP67
  • 18 Hour Battery Life
  • SafeAudio 75/85/94 dB
  • StudyMode
  • Built-in Microphone
  • 30ft Range
  • AudioShare Cable
  • Hypo-Allergenic Cushion
  • Foldable Design
  • BuddyPhones WAVE Headphones
  • Micro-USB Charger Cord
  • BuddyCable Audio Sharing Cord
  • Soft Travel Bag
  • Custom Name Tag Stickers
  • DRIVER UNIT: 40mm Neodymium
  • IMPEDANCE: 32oHM SENSITIVITY (1) : 75 +/-3dB @1mW 1kHz
  • SENSITIVITY (2) : 85 +/-3dB @1mW 1kHz
  • SENSITIVITY (3) : 94 +/-3dB @1mW 1kHz
  • CORD: 0.8m (Kids Size)
  • PLUG: Gold Plated 3.5mm
  • WEIGHT: 109g.
  • DIMENSION: 170x150mm (Unfolded) 110x150mm (Folded)


Safe Kids Headphones

BuddyPhones Wave is the most durable kids headphones ever made. They are made to rock through almost anything, even a dive! 

BuddyPhones Wave is IP67 waterproof rated. 

A girl studying wearing kid's headphones with 3 volume limit setting and study mode

Optimize the

The SafeAudio

Features of waterproof wireless kids headphones
Features of waterproof kids bluetooth headphones
Features of wireless waterproof headphones for boys and girls
Relaxed girl watching YouTube on her iPad with waterproof wireless headphones


Kidproof & Kidsafe


How it's made

BuddyPhones are made of the highest quality and from the safest materials possible.

Certified by first-tier global testing labs like TÜV and UL, ensuring they are compliant with all key safety and environmental standards like RoHS, REACH, PROP65.



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